Tracker2 (TNC)

This TNC (from Argent Data Systems) includes advanced features such as detailed waypoint output to NMEA, Garmin, and Magellan GPS receivers, full APRS digipeater support, remote control and configuration, and KISS protocol support.

Download the user manual (PDF) for reference.

Configuring Tracker2 with otwincfg.exe

  • Goto Tracker2 Support
  • Download otwincfg.exe
  • Connect Tracker2 to a serial port using a null-modem cable
  • Start otwincfg.exe and select appropriate COM port
  • Select Disable Turbo (forces 19200 bauds, use when problems connecting)

If warm boot

(section 13.3, page 13 in the user manual)

If the unit is already powered and operating when you click the Connect button, the program attempts a warm boot operation to put the device into configuration mode.

  • Click Connect
  • Wait for otwincfg.exe to open the configuration window

If cold boot

(section 13.3, page 13 in the user manual)

If the firmware has been corrupted because you have changed to port mode from the terminal to a mode not controllable from the terminal (for example to KISS mode), or the firmware has been corrupted because of a failed upgrade, the unit may fail to enter configuration mode. You can correct this by performing a cold boot - power the unit off and on again after clicking Connect

  • Turn unit OFF
  • Click Connect
  • Turn unit ON
  • Wait for otwincfg.exe to open the configuration window

Serial-to-USB adapter

Most modern PCs today do not have serial ports. Use a serial-to-USB adapter if this is the case on you PC.

Windows driver

On windows, just follow the driver install instructions supplied by the vendor.

Linux driver

On linux, the PL2303 Serial Port chip from Prolific Technology works nicely. It is integrated by vendors like ST Labs (for example U-350 USB to serial Adapter 1 port) and Sandberg. A driver for Prolific chips is available on most Linux distributions (no install required). Just plug it into a USB port and run the following command to ensure it is detected.

> dmesg

If you see something similar to pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0 (pl2303 is the serial port chip from Prolific), your are ready to connect to the unit using the terminal or I/O APRS Module.

Wine configuration

If you want to connect to the unit via a serial-to-usb adapter in Wine on Linux, you have to configure serial ports. You configure serial ports by defining symbolic links to files on the format /dev/ttyUSBx int the folder (x from range [0..n] is a number, which might change each time you reboot the unit). Execute the following command in a terminal to configure a serial port in Wine:

> ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1

To make things easier when the serial port file changes (the x above) you could create several serial ports in the range [0..n], for example:

> ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
> ln -s /dev/ttyUSB1 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com2

You can use the following command to list all active USB files in /dev/*:

> ls /dev/ttyUSB*

Connecting to Tracker2 using a terminal

Windows (XP)

HyperTerminal is available on most Windows XP installations. Use baud 4800 and no flow-control.

Windows (Vista, Win7+)

Download Putty. Use baud 4800 and no flow-control.

Linux (any)

  • Install terminal application screen:
> sudo apt-get install screen
  • Connect to the unit with baud 4800
> screen /tty/USBx 4800

You exit screen by typing ctrl+A and K in succsession. Answer y (yes) when prompted for disconnect confirmation.